How a Global Wealth Strategies Firm Went From 12 Months Wasted to Countless Time Saved with an Efficient CRM Engine

Wealth Management Firm using Salesforce to streamline processes.

When Tardus, a global wealth strategies firm based in Honolulu, reached out to The CRM Firm they had already invested 12 months and thousands of dollars into a Salesforce implementation from a firm that couldn’t get the job done.  

They’d received an incomplete product that was ultimately useless to the team and their complex needs, rendering them frustrated, panicked, and running out of hope for their migration onto Salesforce.  

With a lot of work done, but little work done well, The CRM Firm conducted an in-depth discovery and business process review to understand the full scope of Tardus’ CRM needs and identify the gaps and deficiencies in the prior implementation. 

Our team quickly earned Tardus’ trust with our ability to fix the faulty system, deliver an effective and efficient CRM that meets their needs, and impart a positive return on their technology investment. 

We quickly got to work. 

The Business Problem: 

Tardus was already sold on the benefits of Salesforce products, but a previous advisor partnership went over budget and failed to reach full implementation; the system had missed its go-live date by several months, and the implementation was nowhere near complete and exceeded the promised budget. The flow automation put in place wasn’t working properly, causing errors and inaccurate data. 

The organization’s most pressing concern was addressing that previous investment — and they still needed a system to track leads, manage opportunities, schedule coaching sessions, collect payments, effectively market to leads, and manage membership subscriptions. 


Problem Solved:  

Our business process review and an evaluation of the state of their current Salesforce implementation led the implementation plan which included re-implementing the existing Sales Cloud, focusing on customization to satisfy the remaining features requested in their initial implementation including the membership portal, Chargent integration, Zoom integration, complex flow automation, Chillipiper Integration, DocuSign Integration and automating key processes with Salesforce Flow.  

We broke the workload down into a four-tiered solution, as follows: 

Solution 1:

Technical Solution Design: The CRM Firm developed a comprehensive technical solution design to address Tardus’ business requirements and ensure a seamless migration from Keap to Salesforce. During this step, we completed a thorough analysis of business processes, data structures and needed integrations, enabling us to advise the client on customizations and integrations to maximize process and automation design and enhance efficiency.

Solution 2:

“Ground up” Approach: To ensure a successful implementation, we took a “ground up” approach, meticulously reviewing the existing system and rebuilding it within Salesforce. This approach allowed our team to address any shortcomings or inefficiencies in the previous implementation, ensuring a robust and optimized solution tailored to the client’s needs. 

Solution 3:

Validations and Automation for Data Accuracy: In this phase, The CRM Firm implemented comprehensive validations and automation within Salesforce to ensure the accuracy and integrity of the client’s data. By establishing robust data validation rules and automated workflows, we were able to minimize errors and inconsistencies, enabling the client to rely on their Salesforce system as a trusted source of accurate information and leverage Salesforce Flow to automate key processes and improve operational efficiency. 

Solution 4:

Software and Systems Integrations: To streamline their business functions, we integrated Salesforce with other relevant software systems used by the client to establish seamless data flows and synchronized processes, making Salesforce the centralized hub for all their critical business functions and data. These integrations included a Chargent integration for seamless payment processing, Zoom integration for video conferencing within their membership portal, Chillipiper integration for streamlined appointment scheduling, and DocuSign integration for easy document signing. This integration enabled the client to access and manage information from various systems within a single platform, increasing efficiency and improving overall operational effectiveness. We also implemented Salesforce’s Account Engagement for their marketing and email needs, including replacing all their existing web forms. 

The Business Impact: 

Tardus’ newly constructed membership portal allowed their members to access videos and articles prudent to their financial transformation, schedule coaching calls, and more, providing an improved customer experience, loyalty, and retention. The added value of their enhanced membership portal also proved to increase revenue.  

Prior to our engagement, Tardus was already leveraging a handful of third-party solutions to meet the needs of its members. The CRM Firm consolidated disparate software systems to reduce license costs, increase efficiency, and provide a single system to house all operations 

Once the partnership yielded complete implementation, Tardus was enabled to run enhanced reporting across all its business functions, providing valuable insights for informed decision-making, all within a unified system to provide a comprehensive view of its operations. 

The new contract and payment management system ensured customers’ ability to maintain up-to-date contracts and payments with members, and streamlined contract and payment processes, minimizing revenue leakage and contractual discrepancies, and improving financial stability. 

Process automation significantly reduced administrative burden by automating complex, time-consuming tasks and manual data entry leading to improved productivity and reduced errors. Automation also freed up valuable time and resources and accelerated overall business processes. 

With their new implementation, the organization experienced improved productivity through task automation and reduced administrative manual data entry, minimized errors, enhanced reporting functionalities and business insights, improved stability, and provided a single source of truth housing all their pertinent processes and data. 

What’s Next: 

After experiencing the power of a well-built Salesforce system, Tardus decided to undergo a second implementation phase and maximize their investment.  

The second phase of implementation will include a robust affiliate portal, added workflow, and process automation and reporting.  

As their trusted technology advisor, we expect to continue working alongside Tardus as their business grows and needs change. 

Meet The Client—Who’s Tardus:  

Tardus Wealth Strategies is a full-service wealth-coaching company based in sunny Honolulu, serving clients globally by helping them build passive income, manage debt, and plan for a secure financial future. With personalized attention and tailored strategies, Tardus Wealth Strategies is committed to empowering anyone to achieve financial stability and long-term wealth accumulation.  

In 2014, President and Owner Tanisha Souza created Tardus in the shadow of her and her husband’s personal six-figure debt. While successfully navigating her own journey to financial freedom, Tanisha found she was fiercely passionate about teaching others to do the same. 

She spent years developing the repeatable, self-sustaining path to financial freedom that is Tardus Wealth Strategies, and today, they’re proud to be a global wealth-coaching company that teaches members to create a predictable system for building passive income, paying off debt, and building wealth for generations.  

Tanisha is looking forward to what’s next. “The CRM Firm set realistic goals, were completely transparent and actively problem-solved,” she says. “Even under constricted deadlines their ‘whatever it takes attitude’ consistently allows them to deliver outstanding results. Working with their team has been an absolute game-changer for us

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