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As many of you have, I have been researching, reading, and listening to as much information that I can get my hands on. Mark Cuban is one of my favorite business leaders. He’s done numerous interviews in the wake of the pandemic (this interview with LinkedIn’s Editor in Chief David Roth is excellent). And in one of his recent podcasts, he talked about how the products and interests of our customers have changed. There will be new products entering the market because of COVID-19, and it personally gave me “food for thought.”

How can we support the changing market with software?

The answer was, we listen to our clients. We understand their vision and we support it with software. I’ve been spending the past few weeks talking with the key executives from our current client base. A few thoughts have been shared by multiple executives and I think that these are true to most organizations.

We are finding that some executives have a “moment” shall we call it, to look inward to their organizations. They are taking this time to improve efficiencies and prepare for life after COVID-19. They need to be able to see what is going on in their organization: products that constantly have issues, customers that return 50% of the product shipped, shipping issues related to a single warehouse. They are coming up with new ways to do business, new product offerings, new product markets. They need the ability to model different scenarios and see the impact to their business. On top of it, with reduced headcount, teams must be efficient. The time from order to ship to delivery is key.

The customer experience is more important today than it was 2 months ago.

With the online ecosystem, a negative review has more impact than it may have had months ago and giving each customer the “white glove” experience is at the pillar of most organizations. The saying that not everyone is perfect, but it is how you handle imperfections that truly defines you. Addressing customer issues timely and closing the feedback loop will make for happier customers which return to your business.

Last, but not least, how can they quickly pivot their organization and have software that supports the change? As an executive, you need a software solution that can adapt to the amazing new ideas you have and quickly take them to market.

I’m going to leave you with a few things to think about.

How are your systems improving YOUR customer journey? Do you know what is working and not working with your outreach efforts? If you increased efficiencies within your company, how would that affect your bottom-line. How are you weathering the storm? Have you been able to adapt to the new “normal”? Do you have the metrics to be able to make these decisions?

There are proven solutions to solve these problems. We’d welcome the opportunity to discuss your organization’s needs and how to unlock the potential of your CRM solution.

Stephanie Hagan

CU Boulder Salesforce Student Group First Meeting! Student Group: University of Colorado Boulder

The CU Salesforce Student Group had their first meeting of the season last week on the CU Boulder campus. Our Founder & CEO Stephanie Hagan was invited with the incredible opportunity to share some of her wisdom with the next generation of industry professionals.