Manual to Automatic: The Streamlining of a Major Manufacturer’s Sales Cloud

Seeley International, Australia’s largest air conditioning manufacturer, and the global leader in the development of smart, energy-efficient cooling and heating solutions contacted The CRM Firm for help resolving the frustrating inefficiencies in their sales operations. Even the biggest players hit roadblocks sometimes.


The Business Problem: An inefficient, self-constructed sales operations solution that bounced between Salesforce, Excel spreadsheets, and unreliable processes

Seeley had been using Salesforce since 2008, leveraging its out-of-box Sales Cloud features and some self-implemented customizations, to streamline their sales operations. However, despite their efforts, they found themselves hitting a wall.

Cue the Excel spreadsheets! The sales team resorted to manual tracking of their sales pipeline, projects, customers, and more. The more they leaned on these inefficient and unreliable processes the harder it became to clear insight into sales trends, win/loss reporting, sales stages with discounts, and the list goes on. Productivity was simply ice cold.

Enter The CRM Firm. With our expertise in Salesforce Sales Cloud, we were able to step in and bring Seeley’s business back up to temperature. But how did we do it? Let’s break it down.


Problem Solved: Our 3-Tiered Discovery & Sales Cloud Implementation

Step One: Discovery

To kick the project off, the CRMF team hosted a deep dive into Seeley’s business processes to learn the ins and outs of well, everything. From who’s selling what to whom, how the current Sales process unfolds, and most importantly, the inefficiencies and roadblocks that need updating.

Once we had the lay of the land, the team got down to the nitty-gritty technical stuff, which, in this case meant leveraging Salesforce to its exact purpose and aligning their business process with Sales Cloud’s features to create a seamless, cost-effective sales solution.


Step Two: Identification

Seeley’s initial wish list included enhancing their Sales Cloud setup to better handle Leads, Opportunities, Products, Price books, and quotes. Their existing solution was piece-mealed, antiquated and even contained some solutions that had been sunsetted.

But CRMF didn’t stop there. We spotted a bunch of other data-related issues that needed fixing, including some additional data points needed to capture product costs, discounts, and a monitored approval process for any discounted quotes.


Step Three: Execution

This is where the magic happened. The CRMF team rolled up their sleeves and got to work migrating all of Seeley’s project assets, agreements, and attachments over to Sales Cloud.

We developed a slick and effective Discount Approval System that provided better monitoring and resolved unnecessary email back-and-forth, standardized product additions, and discount calculations reliably and efficiently.


So, what’s the bottom line? Seeley International is back in the game with a fully optimized and efficient sales pipeline flowing smoothly and ready to tackle whatever challenges come their way. And who knows? Maybe next time you crank up the AC on a scorching summer day, you’ll have Seeley – and CRMF – to thank for keeping things cool.

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